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Sand & Gravel Types

Need some help choosing your gravel?

Please have a look below to help you make the correct choice.


40 mm Scalpings

Also known as 40mm down or hardcore. This is the cheapest of materials.  For tracks, bases, patios or under concrete


14mm Cleanstone

 A 14mm Mendip limestone, used as decorative gravel for driveways and paths or for drainage, to bed in pipes.


 40mm Cleanstone

A 40mm Mendip limestone used for soakaways and French drains.


 Type 1

Mendip limestone to DoE specification. Should have more consistent quality than scalps. Used for roads and tracks.

 Building Sand

Available in yellow and white. a soft sand used for brick and block laying.


 Plastering Sand

Also known as sharp washed sand, for plastering and external rendering.


 Flooring Grit

Sometimes referred to as 5mm grit sand or sharp sand.It has many uses including - bedding slabs or block paviours, floor screed and can be used to lighten clay soil!


 20mm all in gravel

Often call 3/4 all in or ballast. This is an aggregate mix of 20mm gravel down to coarse sand, ideal for making concrete for paths, steps and foundations etc.


 20mm washed shingle

Yellow flint gravel. A hard angular decorative gravel ideal for paths and driveways and can be used for drainage.


 10mm shingle

Also known as P shingle, a smaller grade of washed shingle from the same Dorset pit. Another decorative gravel, also used for drainage.


 Cotswold Gravel

Available in 10mm and 20mm sizes, often called Cerney gravel. This is a flat smooth, decorative oolitic limestone.


 Top Soil

Brought to our yard from South Dorset, this popular soil is screened over a 10mm screen, to give a fine soil with no big lumps or stones.


Other materials are available, including 20mm Scalpings, 70mm Scalpings (crusher run), 6mm to dust, path gravel and 6mm Cracker grit. Call us on 01747 822 514 if you require more details.


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