Established 1889



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 J.H. Rose & Sons Ltd – Family Owned and Operated since 1889

(The oldest surviving  Business in Gillingham)

About us
Our aim at J.H.Rose & Sons has always been to serve our customer’s needs, to achieve this we have the highest quality products available and combine it with years of experience and a commitment to customers services. Our company values, reflect our values as a family, we know that the quality of our relationships with customers, staff and suppliers is crucial to the success of all.


A Team of Experts

Our fully trained and experienced staff have the skills, versatility and equipment needed for all types of hydraulic hose replacement and commercial vehicle repairs, which can all be carried out at our premises here in Gillingham. Our informed team can advise customers on our full range of sand, grave, topsoil, sleepers and other products, helping them make the right choice. We also have specialist knowledge of bulk blown animal feeds.


An Open-Door Policy

We pride ourselves on maintaining an environment where open discussion about solutions, products and ideas can take place. Whether between staff and customer or management and staff, every opinion has value because it helps us to consistently improve our service.


A Solution for Every Requirement

Our business has served and continues to serve a host of different industries. We have worked with plant contractors, builders, farmers, civil engineers and developers alike, we also have a loyal base of individual home owners who often require small deliveries for their home improvement projects.


A Commitment to Quality

It is important to us, that our customers know that they will receive quality products and reliable services EVERY time.  To ensure this happens, we regularly test and review these products and services.


Find out more

Do you require hydraulic hose repair, bulk delivery or aggregate supplies in the Dorset, Somerset or Wiltshire areas? If so, we welcome your enquiries. You can always get in touch with us by calling 01747 822514, or supply your details on our contact page at contact-us . We look forward to hearing from you!



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